Chris Brown Punches Frank Ocean Over Parking Spot

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It'd been a while since Chris Brown acted up. But it's Grammy season, and that means Breezy's in fight mode!

According to TMZ, Brown allegedly "jumped" R&B crooner Frank Ocean last night outside of Westlake Studio in Los Angeles after the Grammy-nominated Odd Future crewman reportedly blocked Breezy from exiting the parking lot.

"Got jumped by Chris and a couple guys," Ocean tweeted. "I only wish Everest was there."

(Everest is Ocean's Bernese mountain dog).

Instead, Ocean had to fend for himself sans canine protection, resulting in a Chris Brown knuckle sandwich and a visit to the sheriff's office.

UPDATE Chris Brown turns to Jesus while Frank Ocean wants to press charges.

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Huffington Post reports that a total of six men were involved in the altercation that "allegedly led to Chris Brown punching the victim," according to police.

But details are still sparse.

We know that Ocean spoke with authorities last night, and the Grammy-nominated artist suffered minor injuries.

"Cut my finger," he tweeted. "Now I can't play [with] two hands at the Grammy's."

In contrast, Brown, who fled the scene before police arrived, has yet to comment on last night's incident.

Though no charges were filed, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says it will continue to investigate and hope to speak with Team Breezy in the near future.

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Eduardo Delgadillo
Eduardo Delgadillo

Can we charge him with this being a hate crime? Just to twist the dagger on this coward.


CB is nothing but a worthless, arrogant, degenerate!  This pile of crap needs to be behind bars somewhere.  WHAT A FRIGGIN LOOSER!!!  I DONT CARE how much money he's made or how many awards he's won.  He'll never be able to get the ghetto out and everyone can see it.  AND... what a friggin' joke posting those pics of your junk all over the internet. Brown you are nothing but a complete waste of human space. 

Luis R Rodriguez
Luis R Rodriguez

Can I punch Chris brown in the face when hes taking my spot or anybody's spot id make that sacrifice


It'd been a while since Chris Brown acted up. But it's Grammy season, and that means Breezy's in fight mode!" lmao thats funny -Callous Conflict (google me)

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