DJ Craze Calls New Mansion Residency: "A Challenge, I Would Never Get Kicked Off"

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Mansion hasn't been on the best terms with the underground lately. But the South Beach nightclub's newest import should bring a smile to the face of even the most discerning EDM aficionado.

DJ Craze will be bringing his champion style to the decks for a new monthly residency, kicking off Friday, January 25. And though he's prepared to play by their rules, he's not turning the "future" down for nobody.

Last week, we called to congratulate him on the new gig. And he told us a little bit about what to expect from Crazearoni in the VIP.

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Crossfade: Congrats on the residency. How did it come about?
DJ Craze: One day, my manager asked me, "Hey, would you like to spin at Mansion?" And I was just like, "Sure, why not?" And then the first time I spun, I think I did well. I did my thing, and I made sure to play my kind of set and cater to their crowd a little bit, but still give them my flavor, y'know? I think they liked it 'cause I was doing something different, but I was still keepin' them locked. I was doing me, and I had the place going crazy. So the club hit up my manager and just offered the residency.

You were winning DMCs more than a decade ago. What's it like to be a master turntablist amid bottle service VIP?
With Mansion, it's not a place for the trickery and all that craziness. That's more for, like, Grand Central, where the crowd is more into the DJ's DJ, instead of just the atmosphere. When I go into Mansion, I'm thinking: How the hell do I get these club motherfuckers crunker? It's not like: How do I show off more? Of course, I'm showing off. I show off with my DJing. But I'm thinking more like: How do I get this shit poppin' poppin'? I think that at every club, but it's different at a bottle club.

So how do you do it?
Playing big tunes and fuckin' killin it with the vibes, with the energy level. You feel me? Making sure I'm not playing the wrong stuff. That's a challenge in itself. That's what people always complain about. "Oh, I hope you don't get kicked off." I would never get kicked off 'cause I know what to play and when to play it.

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