Happy New Year! Five Musical Resolutions Revelations for 2013

If you're reading this, it's not alcohol poising, just a really bad hangover.

Stay strong. Stay positive. There are 365.25 glorious days collectively known as 2013 left until Planet Earth completes a full orbit around Mr. Sunshine. It's only going to get better.

Crossfade caught a glimpse of the future as it pertains to music earlier this week at a press junket (read: bar) and saw some really wild shit.

From the youngest hip-hop collaboration in the history of the genre to the "mainstreamalization" of polka-tech, 2013's on course to becoming the greatest year of the third millennium!

Check out what's in store after the cut.

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5. Rick Ross Eats a Human
It was bound to happen, Rozay eats a baby. Dude's huge. And Hungry. Don't judge.

4. Party Like a Bavarian Pookie Head
Did you know that Molly originated in Europe? No, not the designer drug, but the actual name.

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