Freddy E. Commits Suicide and Kat Stacks Calls Honey Cocaine the "Murderer"

Frederick Eugene Buhl, AKA Freddy E.
"Fuck... my... life."

Those were among the last words of a 22-year-old MC named Freddy E. (born Frederick Eugene Buhl) who published 16 distraught Twitter updates in 107 minutes on Saturday, January 5, before killing himself.

Among the speculated motives for Buhl's suicide: A breakup with Toronto rapper Honey Cocaine about which he tweeted: "If there's a God then He's calling me back home. This barrel never felt so good next to my dome. It's cold & I'd rather die than live alone."

And obviously, even though she's approximately 3,352 miles away, Miami supergroupie Kat Stacks (freshly released from a Louisiana immigration detention center after two years) has joined the Twitter debate.

UPDATE Kat Stacks supports the Dream Act! So the supergroupie's tweet-chatting with and some undocumented youth.

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-Kat Stacks Free! Supergroupie Won't Be Deported, Released After Two Years

It all began with Freddy E.'s stream of increasingly disturbing Twitter messages:


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Elsa Jimenez
Elsa Jimenez

I think people need to stop tweeting their suicides, is highly disturbing and traumatizing. may he RIP. He was young and handsome. No reason to kill yourself over someone. Cocaine is a hell of a drug

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