Happy 25th Birthday, Skrillex! Top 25 Moments, From Baby Pics to Grammys

teen age skrillex.jpg
Teenage Sonny definitely shopped at Hot Topic, like, at least once.
Age 13 The young punk rocker starts his first band, The Riots, with friends he met at concerts. He also plays in another band later on, Hazel-rah, experimenting more with ambient rock, showcasing his diverse musical tastes at a young age.

Age 14 Moore is pulled out of his private school to be homeschooled due to overwhelming issues with bullies.

Age 15-ish A full-blown workaholic, he gets mad at his high-school bandmates for not holding practices every day (three times a week is not enough for teen-age Skrill) and leaves his most serious pre-career gig, the pop-punk band At Risk, because someone's parents are "medling too much."

Age 15 Moore learns accidentally that he is adopted when someone tells him they ran into his birth mother. He is hurt and ashamed to learn everyone around him has known about his real mother all along. He gets all "Fuck you" with his adoptive parents, and leaves home.

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