Happy 25th Birthday, Skrillex! Top 25 Moments, From Baby Pics to Grammys

June 2004 Since he's already been incommunicado with From First to Last members, Moore drops out of school and leaves for Georgia to become the Florida-bred scream act's new guitarist. Instead, he lands the role as the new lead singer. His first release with the group, Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count, is a triumph for the budding genre.

2006 FFTL release their second album with Skrill at the mic, Heroine, which also sees great success. However, the repeated strain on Moore's vocal chords force him to undergo throat surgery. Moore later told the New York Times about that period: "I was angry, so I kind of just said forget everyone and made some music that was angry music, but I'm not an angry person."

Age 17 Moore is now officially pulling a salary larger than his father ever has.

2007 Moore's had about enough of his bandmates, who apparently aren't very nice to him, and he leaves FFTL after a final show in the band's hometown at the Orlando House of Blues. It's OK, though, because he almost immediately signs a solo deal with Atlantic Records.

Age 19-ish Moore begins producing and performing around the L.A. club scene as Skrillex. Even though he's seen a lot of critical success for his solo rock outfit, he's incurred a lot of debt. He's basically homeless for a time and sleeps on the couch of his homie John Dadzie, 12th Planet, AKA the American King of Dubstep.

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