Happy 25th Birthday, Skrillex! Top 25 Moments, From Baby Pics to Grammys

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Sonny Moore inadvertently starts a women's hair trend that still refuses to go away.
2009 Moore shaves part of his head to show he's no longer a slave to insecurity. "I used to hide my face with my hair all the time. That's why I have long hair," he later tells Rolling Stone. "I shaved the side of my head as a kind of way to get over that ... I was like, 'Fuck it, now I can't hide my face! I'm not here to be pretty. I'm here to make music.'"

June 7, 2010 Skrillex releases his debut Skrill EP and dubstep game-changer My Name Is Skrillex. He takes over the Beatport Top 10, basically overnight. Dubstep never sounds the same again.

2010 Mere months after his initial release, Skrillex is signed to Mau5trap records, which goes on to release his chart-shattering Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

2011 Moore becomes the harbinger of American bass wobbles and all that is "underground" and "EDM." He taps into his hard rock roots and helps produce tracks for KoRn's The Path of Totality. He founds label imprint OWSLA, signing acts like Porter Robinson, Alvin Risk, and Dillon Francis. Through OWSLA, he releases his third EP, Bangarang.

December 2, 2011 Moore shares his favorite song with his fans: Aphex Twin's "Flim." The most vocal of them gather in the YouTube video comment section and they are generally pretty disgusted, spawning the infamous "Where's the drop?" Internet movement.

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