The Hoxton's Grand Opening Party: Booze, Cat Shell, and a Visit from the Mayor

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Look! It's an urban beach house in the middle of Brickell!
The Hoxton has been the biggest buzz to hit Brickell since last year's St. Patty's Day block party, ironically enough on the same day and spot where the Lucky Clover celebrated its grand opening.

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Fast forward almost a year later, the Lucky Clover is long gone and you've got the city mayor handing over a certificate giving this new, "urban beach house" its official welcome to the Magic City.

Last night, the Hoxton celebrated its grand opening with booze, food, a ribbon cutting ceremony with part owner, Santiago Rodriguez and Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado, and a musical performance by Cat Shell.

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Photo by Laurie Charles

Ebony wooden floors, built-in book shelves with picture frames on the walls, and huge, striped couches that can fit an army of party-goers are not what you would expect to find at a Brickell lounge.

But this "urban beach house vibe" is just what Rodriguez was going for.

"I want them [the customers] to feel like home, like my bar is the extension of the living room," said Rodriguez. "When they leave, I want them to feel like they had a good time in a very cozy atmosphere."

Named after the hip street in London, Rodriguez said that he wanted his bar to reflect the cool vibe he experienced while living in the English city.

Hoxton 2.jpg
Photo by Laurie Charles

"It's a very cool, hipster place," Rodriguez said. "I lived there for four years and always liked the style and the looks."

The vibe Rodriguez experienced is reflected in the design and ambiance of his bar, where small, white and light brown wooden tables topped white lamps, flowers, and tea light candles decorate the lounge.

Location Info

The Hoxton - CLOSED

1111 SW 1st Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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