Jimmy Edgar Talks Magick, Studio Wizardry, and Hypnotic Power of EDM

How did you hook up with Hotflush and why did you decide to release the LP with them? Is it fair to say that Hotflush is a stylistic heir of sorts for Warp, considering their mutual penchant for forward-thinking bass-centric intelligent dance music?
We had dinner with Sepalcure -- Travis [Stewart] (Machinedrum) and Praveen [Sharma] -- and Paul [Rose] (Scuba). What more can I say, except that Travis suggested I show them some stuff and Paul liked it. There probably wouldn't be a Hotflush if there wasn't a Warp, I could surmise. But these days, the idea of record labels is changing so fast that I think it's best if the artists with the most forward-thinking ideas do their own thing, like what Paul did. Which brings up the point of me starting a label again this year -- a more focused project.

How is life in Berlin for you? Has it been a positive transition for you creatively? What is a typical day there like for you?
I tend to try and look at everything as a learning experience. Berlin is great. I am using it to my potential. It's not my favorite city. I don't speak German. But I am able to work in Berlin. The club scene is amazing if you're into that. There are plenty of niches and little scenes going on. I'm happier there than I was in NYC. I do miss Detroit, but Detroit doesn't make sense for me.

You're a known practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. How did you get into it? What role, if any, does it play in your creativity and music writing?
I wouldn't claim to practice TM, though I know the techniques. Most people develop their own style after being a student, and I will always be a student. I found meditation after studying hypnosis and magick. I was on the search for what inspiration actually was, because I didn't buy the fact that you have to be a struggling depressed artist to be inspired. Well, I didn't want to, at least, because I had just came out of a drug binge when I lived in NYC. It's a very personal thing, meditation. I've gotten a lot of flack about it, so I don't talk about it unless really pried by someone genuinely interested.

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