Jimmy Edgar Talks Magick, Studio Wizardry, and Hypnotic Power of EDM

Do you think electronic dance music, with its hypnotically repetitive beats, has the potential to provide people some of the same benefits as meditation?
Absolutely. Compare techno with indigenous people beating drums. Also, you will find the rhythms are very similar too. The repetition is very important in hypnosis and meditation. Look up the definition of "mantra" as well.

Your sound is anything but static, and it's transformed considerably over the years. Where do you see it headed in the future? Where do you feel your musical inspirations taking you next?
I don't know. Now that you mention it, I think I will explore more hypnotic-type work in dance music. But the difference will be that I will combine visuals more and more to get people into the spirit. I'm always on the hunt for new inspiration and working with modular synthesis keeps me thinking of harmonics, chords, and arrangement. So it's a perfect balance for me. The more and more I get into expensive studio equipment, the more I realize I need the shit equipment to not have so many limits. I like making music on $50 speakers.

You've had a notable sideline in fashion photography and have even shot promotional work for other musicians. What's been going on with your photography lately? Any new work we should keep an eye out for?
I lost the urge to do fashion stuff after I left NYC. The politics are shit, the people are irritating. [Laughs] I still like to take pictures of strange-looking people or awkward models, I'm just not into showing them much, because it's for personal reasons. I am, however, working on short films inspired by occult rituals and hypnosis -- though nothing will be shown until it's perfect. I'm funding it myself, so we will see what happens this year. It's more what I want to do instead of performing anyways.

What can we expect from you next on the production front? Any plans for a new LP soon?
I did over 30 remixes in 2012, which got a lot of attention. So I'm working on my own music this year and starting a new project to funnel all my projects. I think people will see a lot more of my work out there.

Thanks very much. I am excited to come back to Miami, it's one of my fave cities in America. It always reminded me of a tropical Detroit -- just look at the way people dance compared to Milwaukee or anywhere else in middle America. [Laughs]

Jimmy Edgar. With William Renuart and Diego Martinelli. Presented by SAFE. Friday, January 25. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m. Call 305-456-5613 or visit electricpicklemiami.com.


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