Fashion Freakouts at Justin Bieber's Believe Tour in Miami

Justin Bieber Mehcanical Wings Believe Tour.jpg
Photo by George Martinez
Did you feel that sonic wave burst through the city this weekend? It felt like some kind of tween-wave terror bomb, but it was just the collective scream of every hopeful heart in the tri-county area.

Justin Bieber brought his swaggy self to the American Airlines Arena, and the kids came out in their very best Belieber getups to show some undying love and support.

The Biebz also brought the heat with some super-Miami looks. Check the cut for Crossfade's fashion freakouts from the Believe Tour.

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Justin Bieber Fans American Airlines Arena.JPG
Photo by George Martinez
Matching has been a tween-wave trend since the beginning of time, and there was more than enough twin action going on this weekend. Special points awarded to the super-moms who not only had the shirts made, but wore them and took all the girls out for their big night.

Justin Bieber American Airlines Arena fans.jpg
Photo by George Martinez
Airbrush, it's not just for honoring the memory of our fallen homies anymore. Janel is making a statement, and that statement is "Justin Bieber probably shouldn't get too close to me because I will have a crying fit." Aww, you're looking supercute, Janel. The Biebz wouldn't be able to resist you.

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