Fashion Freakouts at Justin Bieber's Believe Tour in Miami

Jusitn Bieber American Airlines Arena Believe Tour .jpg
Photo by George Martinez
Bieber knew he was in Miami and he dressed to impress. Look at that all-white suit! He's bringing Miami Vice into the 21st century with all the style and flair of the most followed Twitter twat in the world! And we dig the space suits on his backup dancers. Roger that, indeed.

American Airlines Arena Justin Bieber Believe Tour.JPG
Photo by George Martinez
The Biebz, rockin' the gold fingerless gloves and givin' his look some serious attitude. We know he loves Michael Jackson. So this must be his homage to the late King of Pop. And look at this great face that the Biebz is giving as he rips those glasses off his face. He must have seen a hottie in the crowd!

Who was it?

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American Airlines Arena

601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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