Bieber Gone Bad: Seven Steps From Tween Idol to Single, Drunk, and Stoned


Young and Drunk
The legal drinking age in the United States of America is 21. In most of Canada, it's 19. So even if he's chugging it up in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, the Biebz is still too young to lawfully imbibe. Clearly, though, he doesn't give a shit. In April, British popsters The Wanted outed JB as an underage drinker. In June, he admitted to GQ: "I've had a beer... But I never get out of control." In October, a cell phone photo surfaced of the teen heartthrob playing beer pong. But so what? There's nothing cooler than a teenage alcoholic.

Barfin' for Beliebers
It isn't a secret that Justin Bieber's followers (colloquially known as Beliebers) are a crazy, fanatical bunch. So it was no big surprise when we all found out (thanks to the crack reporting of Y100's Elvis Duran and the Morning Show) that JB's most devoted groupies fantasize about letting their "Boyfriend" barf on their heads. However, the world was totally stunned when the Biebz obliged these puke enthusiasts' wettest dreams, upchucking all over the stage during an Arizona concert. He blamed "milk and spaghetti." But we blame backstage beer pong. Either way, the fans ate it up!

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maybe if he changed his name to HMMM BRUNO MARS too, i might realy care...

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