Bieber Gone Bad: Seven Steps From Tween Idol to Single, Drunk, and Stoned

XXX Hoax
When his computer and digital camera got swiped a few months ago, the Biebz was bummed. "Yesterday during the show, me and my tour manager Josh had some stuff stolen," he tweeted. "Really sucks. People should respect other's property." Within hours, a dick pic of Justin hit the web. (His camp called it a doctored fake.) Then a Twitter troll named @gexwy popped up, hyping the imminent leak of a XXX vid starring everyone's favorite barely legal hunk. But when a YouTube link was finally posted, all we got was the official release of a crappy, fully-clothed clip for "Beauty and the Beat," his single with Nicki Minaj. So yeah, the whole thing was just a douchey promotional hoax, masterminded by a pop star that we used to trust. Betrayal never felt so good.


Bieber Does Blunts
Just like his homie, occasional collaborator, and fellow ex-boy wonder Chris Brown, the Biebz loves some sweet leaf. Suspicion about his habit swirled when a paparazzo was hit by a car and died in an attempt to get a shot of Bieber sucking on a hash pipe behind the wheel of his white Ferarri. A few days later, a photo of a hotel smoking sesh confirmed that Bieber does blunts. And yes, Beliebers were aghast. But c'mon, the side effects of marijuana use are minimal. Well, unless you consider C. Breezy to be some kinda test subject.


Future of the Biebz
Half-nude centerfolds, nasty breakups, binge boozing, vomit play, bogus sex tapes, marijuana addiction ... What's next for Justin Bieber? There's no way to tell. Maybe rehab. But we can definitely say with absolute certainty that the Biebz is Planet Earth's favorite douchey pop-star bad boy. As JB might say: "Believe."

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maybe if he changed his name to HMMM BRUNO MARS too, i might realy care...

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