Krisp Talks Nomenclature and Its New Record on Sweat Records In-House Label, Sutro

What do "Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, Chuck Norris, The Little Prince" have in common?

They're all awesome dancers. And they all serve as wellsprings of inspiration for Krisp, a four-member "indie/dance/chillwave/dance-rock" band -- Andres Ledesma, Jason Mavila, Alex Lopez, and Charlie Woods -- that's been bringing whimsical party tuneage to the 305 scene since early 2011.

Tonight, the quartet will be throwing a release party at Churchill's Pub for its new, limited-edition, 400-copy seven-inch "Will You Tell Me"/"Captain Hook" single on Sweat Records' in-house label, Sutro.

So we here at Crossfade chatted up the Krisp crew about nomenclature, genre tags, and fantasy live music experiences.

Crossfade: Justify the K in your band name.
Krisp: A couple of months into the creation of the project, after concentrating solely on music, the time came to name our efforts. With some past knowledge on naming projects, the consensus was that names don't make bands, bands make names. After all, there are bands that we love with pretty bad names and vice versa.

Alex had been using the word crisp to describe the sound we were striving for. And after he insisted, we simply opted for what seemed organic. The whole K spelling in the nineties seemed like an attempt for edginess that turned into kitsch. When we went for the K, we were aware of the whole spectrum and repercussions. But all in all, the idea of justifying your name just seems outdated.

What is the origin story behind your new record on Sutro?
We had been on the scene for a couple of years. And naturally, we started to have a relationship with Lolo Reskin and the Sweat Records family. Lolo approached us with the idea of putting out a single on vinyl and we immediately jumped on the opportunity. We know the other bands that were given the same opportunity and it was an honor to be a part of the greater good that has flourished from Lolo's hard work.

What do you have in common with the other bands on Sutro? What is different?
We have a lot in common with the other Sutro bands. Aside from the obvious things like location and label, we are all just hard working bands that have chosen to put music on top of our list. I guess the only difference is in how we choose to execute our work.

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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