Project Pat and Raider Klan Got Faded and Watched 'Em Twerk at EVE Miami, January 18

Project Pat
EVE, Miami
Friday, January 18, 2013

It was a rap show.

So in the tradition of rap shows, EVE was turned into a battleground state for real and/or true hip hop.

And Project Pat -- Three Six Mafia affiliate and Juicy J's real-life brother -- was the guest of honor.

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When I showed up at 11:30 p.m., the outside stage looked like a block party thrown by The Duke. With a raspy squeal and penchant for building songs around jokey regular guy hooks ("I ain't even got a trap, I just get it poppin'" or "broke niggas with bitches"), someone was doing their best Trinidad James outside (but with no gold anything).

In the bunker room, an entirely different, more traditional thing was happening, as a trumpet player and drummer were putting on The Roots-meets-Rocky triumphalism in a space that appropriately looked like a Philly warehouse party.


The MC was getting people to wave their hands, before lecturing about "real lyrical hip-hop shit from the heart, do y'all fuck with lyrical hip hop?" And so came an aspirational chant called "Life Is But a Dream" over an Exhibit C beat, with the addition of Santa Esmeralda horns, before Kanye's "Power" beat was retrofitted for a song about the struggle to "Fight the..."

Outside, some other kind of fighting was going on, more of the powerviolence variety, as one dude was leading a one-man war against a variety of radio rap songs, I believe I was able to parse Drake's "Unforgettable" amid the hearty yells.

Back inside, a Latin trio named Bound by Blood offered positive bilingual raps and asked their tough-as-nails, bandana- and sunglasses-wearing female MC if she "got something you can spit something acapella and blow their wings off? Everyone give respect to a sister putting her grind in, fighting to get her voice heard."


It was touching and appropriate, given that the outside stage was getting progressively whiter and maler. There was Al Kush, looking like Jesse Pinkman in a mid-life crisis, rocked a variety of weed-in-the-club tracks only Jackie Chain could get away with. Then came Web 3, led by a pair of dudes who looked like Clone High versions of Keith Morris and Bret Michaels, their "Hello, Cleveland!" being "They say Miami don't have a scene, let's prove them wrong, y'all know how to get white boy wasted? Look at my tattoos!" They skipped their planned performance of a track called "Rock Girls" and found kinship with Trick Daddy's Ozzy-sampling "Yeah." Because, you know, tunnel vision.

They were followed by Pages and Kinetix, who started off by performing one of the night's longest running gags, i.e. convincing everyone they were hypemen and yelling "Y'all ready for Project Pat?" before bait-and-switching us with "Well, here's some real old-school hip-hop shit" and jumping on some old horned-out breakbeats as if Gunplay's Cops and Robbers didn't drop earlier in the day and blow away the distinctions between old/new/etc.

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