Top Ten Completely Insane Moments From Ten Years of International Noise Conference

6. Container's Technoise Inadvertently Appeals to Day-Glo Faeries (2011)
Look, bro, if you play dance music, you might have to deal with - yes, it's true - people dancing. The natural evolution of 21st century noise music has landed us in a curious position: Can you still be an a-social dirtbag if your tunes are glow-stick friendly? Will the 10 year anniversary of the International Noise Conference feature more beats than blasts of feedback? Rat says, "Electronic music is more affordable." When we asked if he personally listened to e-music, he went silent, and then pointed out a distant hum that he suspected was a neighbor renovating their kitchen.

5. Sword Heaven (2007)
This impossibly heavy duo from Ohio boiled rock-'n'-roll down to the most guttural, inhumanly savage version possible. Head-banging has never made more sense than when conducted in the throes of a Sword Heaven breakdown pinball machine pileup.

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