Top Ten Completely Insane Moments From Ten Years of International Noise Conference

4. The Long and Terrible Reign of Cock E.S.P. (2010 - 2012)
The self-proclaimed "Pride of North American Noise," headlined I.N.C. three years in a row. And if you strung the sets together, they would still be shorter than your average performance at the festival, which are officially limited to fifteen minutes. But in those fleeting, horrifically-roaring moments, the audience was treated to a true spectacle: freaks senselessly beating the shit out of each other. Rat explains that The Cock will be absent this year's festivities because its celebrating 10 years of semen-encrusted bedlam with a massive performance featuring every collaborator the group has ever had, and they "can 't afford to do both." Rat also noted that while he has left Cock E.S.P. shows bruised-and-limping, he has been lucky enough to never warrant a trip to the emergency room. "I was close a few times."

3. Costes (2007)
While Jean-Louis Costes' performance of his "noise musical" entitled Little Birds Shit was unlike anything we've ever seen - feces, blood, deviant sex acts performed live on the Churchill's stage - Rat maintains that the performers' debut in a Miami a few years earlier was "even crazier." They call this guy the French G.G. Allin but if you ask us, this shit-smearing pervert is in a sonic league of his own.

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