Rihanna's Top Ten Pics, Smoking Weed and Being Sexy

rihanna smoky loweye.jpg
Via statigr.am/badgalriri
Even when she's making her most stoned face imaginable, Rihanna seems to pull off some kind of mystic sexiness. What sort of painful lessons lurk behind those low eyes? Looks like she's about to go film the music video for "Diamonds." Good to know RiRi was completely high for the whole thing.

rihanna weed motivation.jpg
Via statigr.am/badgalriri
This could be some kind of motivational poster for your office or classroom. Everyone needs to have that reminder that, whatever problems or issues reveal themselves to you during the day, nothing is too serious a buzzkill that a little #Rijuana won't fix it.

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Daniel Convers
Daniel Convers

Stop giving her attention and maybe she'll hopefully go away!

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