Rihanna's Top Ten Pics, Smoking Weed and Being Sexy

rihanna rolling blunt.jpg
Via statigr.am/badgalriri
Here Rihanna demonstrates her superb, world-class blunt-rolling skills. That might be one of the biggest blunts we've ever seen. No doubt, Cheech and Chong would be proud. If there's ever a sequel to Belly in the works, this lady needs to be involved.

rihanna blunt mouth.jpg
Via statigr.am/badgalriri
Rihanna just uploaded this awesome 'tude swag shot a few days ago. She's getting her Trinidad James on, rockin' all gold everything, poppin' rastafari, and sweatin'. We are secretly hoping this is the cover of her next album.

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Daniel Convers
Daniel Convers

Stop giving her attention and maybe she'll hopefully go away!

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