Seven New Year's 2013 Resolutions for the Miami Club Scene

spirit hoodie ultra music festival.jpg

Retire the Spirit Hoodies
These animal-themed, soft-lined bits of head gear were cute for a minute, but now that you've worn them rave-in and rave-out in the Florida heat, they're getting pretty gross. The fur has gotten patchy, the look is stale, and it never totally recovered from that time your gum melted in your paw pocket. If you're more than 20 years old, you need to let this look go in 2013. It's time.

Give Molly a Weekend Off
If your first thought after buying tickets to a show is "I need to buy drugs," you're doing it wrong. Yeah, that other white girl is a lot of fun at parties, and it would be silly to imagine a dance-music world without love drugs, but all things in moderation. If you find yourself constantly geeked up at every show, we've got news for you. You're not an EDM fan, you're just really into MDMA. Why don't you give your chemicals a break once in a while and see if you still dig the beat.

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