Sofia Vergara Slips a Nip at Story NYE! Plus Seven Other Celebrity Titties

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Story Nightclub has only been open for, like, a week and a half, and it's already made the front page of TMZ for a hilarious celebrity nip slip.

Our homies Cultist reported that Modern Family's Sofia Vergara came down to the new SoBe club to party with Kaskade, but ended up getting so hella drunk that she started throwin' bows and poppin' titties.

As the Internet always says, "pics or it didn't happen," and the photo evidence is finally here. Let's take a hard, long look at these babies, and seven other fabulous wardrobe malfunctions from over the years.

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Sofia Vergara (Click for boob pic)
So, the story (hurhurhur) goes that Vergara was poppin' bottles up in the VIP, when suddenly a fight broke out at the next table. Because she's such a sweetheart, the actress decided to try and break it up herself. Fortunately for all the bros around her, she was knocked down in the scuffle and boop! We're glad some class act was there to snap the blurry photo.

DJ Paris Hilton (Click for boob pic)
We're never going to let Ms. Hilton live down whole "DJ" thing, and she's certainly never going to live down the dirty slut thing. Especially when she's running around showing her nips at the beach. Now, if only we could get her to hit the decks topless, we might have something positive to say about her performance - nah, nevermind.

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