Sofia Vergara Slips a Nip at Story NYE! Plus Seven Other Celebrity Titties

Madonna (Click for boob pic)
She may be old, but she's still packing the dirty punch. The Madge caused a stir on tabloids the world over when she took her lil-ole boobie out and played with it on stage in Turkey. She must have really been feeling the MDNA, because she went all out. And this is the same woman who got mad at MIA for flicking off the crowd at the Superbowl, right?

Nicki Minaj (Click for boob pic)
Nikki Minaj claims she "isn't pop," but she can't claim she's not plastic. Girl was doing a performance on the super family-friendly Good Morning America when she had a terrible total wardrobe malfunction. She went on singing and dancing while her little friend was waving to the camera!

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