Tommie Sunshine on City of Miami vs. Ultra: "Way to Demonize the Visitors Who Make Money to Cover Your Asses"

Despite Ultra Music Festival's annual $79 million contribution to the local economy, City of Miami commissioner Marc Sarnoff believes the "event will be disruptive to the local business community and area residents due to noise, nuisance behavior of festival goers, and grid lock traffic."

After all, as he fear-mongered during the December 13 city meeting, "about 70 to 80 percent of these kids are on some sort of mind-altering drug."

Right ... To which house music man Tommie Sunshine just replied: "hey @MarcSarnoff & @CityofMiami, way to demonize the visitors of your city who make you money to cover your own asses."

UPDATE Ultra 2013 organizers willing to work with city on downtown traffic, security concerns.

UPDATE #2 Trainspotting author and Miami resident Irvine Welsh defends Ultra: "I'm disappointed in Miami, the fest breathed life into a dead downtown."

UPDATE #3 Marc Sarnoff's spokesperson says commissioner doesn't want to "shut down" Ultra.

UPDATE #4 Miami mayor Tomas Regalado says: "One [Ultra Music Festival] weekend is enough ... people complain about the kids."

UPDATE #5 The resolution has been voted down. And City of Miami commissioners have approved Ultra Music Festival 2013's second weekend.

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On Thursday, the City of Miami commission will consider Sarnoff's proposed resolution "disapproving" of Ultra's second weekend.

But before passing judgement on UMF and the broader EDM culture, Tommie strongly suggests Marc and friends might want to do some research about the average Ultra Music Festival attendee.

Moreover, Mr. Sunshine feels the City of Miami probably has bigger problems (like "24 hour liquor laws," "DUI #'s," cocaine sales, and the overall crime rate) than 200,000 party people who dream about dancing for six days.

The crux of Tommie's disagreement with Sarnoff and the city commission (aside from the obvious fact that they're stereotyping an entire group of people who they've probably only ever seen on the Internet or in security camera footage) seems to be his belief that electronic dance music has finally matured.

In a Huffington Post editorial, titled "EDM Is Growing Up" from January 4, Sunshine writes: "We are on the right side of history and the whole world wants what we've known forever ... EDM is just growing up. The question you should be asking yourself is, are you?"

So if you ask Tommie (and not commissioner Sarnoff), the scene is about community and art, rather than sex, drugs, and "urinating, defecating, or throwing up" in public.

That's why Sunshine wants all beat freaks to blast @MarcSarnoff with protests against his Ultra ban. And in addition to Twitter, the commissioner (as Tommie fan Tiny Daniela helpfully points out) can be reached by email or phone 305-250-5333.

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George I'doccupyThat Owen
George I'doccupyThat Owen

I actually attended one and the amount of people on drugs wasn't that high. yeah there were people doing drugs but shit if you go out to anywhere you'll see people on stuff in any city... do you think all the crack heads in overtown ended up the way they are because they went to a fatboy slim concert in the 90s? or how about all the tweakers in the midwest? did they end up doing crank because they were into the crystal method? I don't know! maybe?

D.f. Basora
D.f. Basora

The city of Miami "leadership" are hypocrites and whores. How long have they allowed unchecked and unregulated Real Estate deal, namely condos, to needlesslypop up all over the place causing gridlock and worse! But no one said anything because as long as they paid the city looked the other way. At least there's a beginning and ending to Ultra. Some of the damn cranes/construction sites I pass by have been there a year or more w/no definite end in sight!

Sam Heywood
Sam Heywood

^ Okay. Not sure how that is in any way responsive to my point. But cool man - if you're trying to say there are a lot of drugs in Miami, I readily concede that.

Dayyvid Matt
Dayyvid Matt

HEY SAM over half the attendees are from out of town you think people are stupid to bring drugs on an air plane?? Guess what if people are taking drugs its from your city!!!!!!

Dayyvid Matt
Dayyvid Matt

ONE WEEKENDS ENOUGH?!?!...let me tell you something. FIrst off this drug thing is bull shit!!! You have people down there doing bath salts eating faces so I don't want to hear about mind altering drug crap from anyone! Second off miami unlike most states other than maybe cali is in a deposition that this financially will help out. $79 million!!!!!! HELLLLLOOOO take that add a few more and now doubleee it thats what the town will be profiting you fools. The fact that the town is trying to take away permits that were already given to UMF means you willll be sued for more than 100 million dollars! Is that what you want your city to come to - MORE IN DEBT. What about all you older generation folks with your hippie days dropping acid and what not and I am not saying all of you did, but guesss what WEEE DONT ALL DO IT EITHER!!! To call out a population like this is unacceptable and immature. Just think of how much this can help out the city of Miami! Another thing this one weekend is enough why did you give permits away to do this in the first place then, tens of thousands of people have spent several thousands of dollars on your cabs, buses, airports, hotels, clubs AND YES RESTAURANTS !!! as well for this event. Are you paying me back my airfare or my hotel or tickets to the festival probably not because you def don't have the money to do sooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Can you pay me back for the passion and love I have for this music where i can take time off from my studies and work to express my self no you cant because EDM is priceless now stay the hell away from our freedom and right and just accept that MIAMI will benefit from this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Heywood
Sam Heywood

It does cause gridlock downtown and a huge percentage of attendees take drugs. These are facts. Whether that warrants cutting the 2nd wknd is up for debate (to me, the answer is no), but Sunshine doesn't appear to be seriously engaging in that debate. He's demagoguing instead. Much like Sarnoff, ironically.



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