Ultra Music Festival 2013: Miami Commissioners Approve Second Weekend

Photo by Ian Witlen
Ultra's second weekend is safe. Rave on, Panda guy!
After all the drama about canceling the second weekend of Ultra Music Festival, the festival will not be "contained" or cut back to just one week.

In the end, with tickets already sold and acts being announced, the City of Miami commission was willing to see how a six-day, two-weekend Ultra will impact the city.

The fest will go forward on two conditions: (1) That organizers pay $500,000 to a special City of Miami police fund; and (2) Ultra seek approval before the commission next year for a second weekend before announcing 2014 dates or selling tickets.

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Whether or not the worldwide outpouring of support for the second weekend to go on as planned had any influence is debatable. But Twitter user EDMsnob, who created the petition that has been bombarding the City of Miami, tweeted a quote we assume came from Commissioner Marc Sarnoff:

We guarantee that Ultra's organizers will do everything in their power to make sure the two-weekend festival goes as smoothly as possible. The fest certainly doesn't want to give the city any excuse not to approve another extended edition of UMF for 2014. That means they will have to make sure downtown businesses and residents can live with a six-day onslaught of festival-goers and dance music.

Commissioners Frank Carollo, Francis Suarez, and Michelle Spence-Jones all came out in defense of Ultra's two-weekend plan going forward. Still, if the 2013 event has a negative impact on the city, they all agreed they would vote against it next year.

And although Sarnoff voted in favor of Ultra, he's still not convinced the event is a positive thing for the city.

"I don't share your vision that you should have this disruption, this Woodstock, in the central core of Miami. It's perfectly OK to do it three days a week, but now you've increased it to six days."

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Michael del Vice
Michael del Vice

^^^ lol u probably wanted Oscar de Leon or those Asians who got 1 billion hits on YouTube. No don dinero here.

Sergio Carmona
Sergio Carmona

Great another weekend of a concert filled with crappy music.

Linsey Edn
Linsey Edn

TWO weekends? I hope the city is willing to pay for the increased security and planning. This isn't just a simple "More tourists = more money" type of thing.

Roy Gonzalez
Roy Gonzalez

Look at the silver lining..buy loads of tickets and scalp them later..take advantage of the ra-tards.

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