Ultra 2013: Organizers Willing to Work With City on Downtown Traffic, Security Concerns

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Marc Sarnoff still hasn't returned repeated calls to Crossfade about his anti-Ultra Music Festival stance.

But considering Tommie Sunshine's push to get EDM fans to call and email him, we're pretty sure he's been busy the last for the last few 24 hours.

However, we do finally have a response for Ultra Music Festival organizers, which says the festival has been working hard to make sure downtown workers and residents are disrupted as little as possible during both UMF weekends.

UPDATE Trainspotting author and Miami resident Irvine Welsh defends Ultra: "I'm disappointed in Miami, the fest breathed life into a dead downtown."

UPDATE #2 Marc Sarnoff's spokesperson says commissioner doesn't want to "shut down" Ultra.

UPDATE #3 Miami mayor Tomas Regalado says: "One [Ultra Music Festival] weekend is enough ... people complain about the kids."

UPDATE #4 The resolution has been voted down. And City of Miami commissioners have approved Ultra Music Festival 2013's second weekend.

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In a letter sent to city commissioners, the organizers state: "Ultra a has undertaken a wide-ranging community outreach effort to address issues and concerns from local businesses, office buildings, residents and other stakeholders affected by the festival."

Among UMF's pre-emptive measures: the hiring of traffic engineers to come up with a plan that provides the least impact on the downtown area. Organizers claim to have learned a lot from last year's festival at Bayfront Park, insisting the new plan drastically improves the way festival-goers will reach the gates as well as the flow of traffic along Biscayne Boulevard.

Security concerns are also being addressed, as organizers plan to pay for off-duty Miami Police officers to be stationed at locations such as the Intercontinental Hotel, Miami Center, Bayside Marketplace, 50 Biscayne, Vizcaya, and 900 Biscayne. Almost $600,000 has been committed by Ultra to being spent on off-duty police and fire personnel for downtown properties, and the festival has agreed to pay for trash pick up within a five-block radius in all directions of Bayfront Park.

The festival's organizers add that the Bayfront Park Management Trust gave Ultra approval to host two weekends back in October, and the event has received good reviews from the police and fire departments as crowd management plans have continued to improve.

So Ultra seems to be willing to play by the rules. But will Sarnoff call of the dogs? We'll have to wait until tomorrow's City of Miami commission meeting.

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@JoseDuran @jjcolagrande  Soho Studios can fit 10,000 people - thats enough for the ultra fans.

The obvious choice is the Wynwood district - no residents would be affected from the traffic ect

jjcolagrande topcommenter

Honestly, 6 days of Ultra in Downtown is way too much, but they already got permits and approval from Biscayne Park Trust; tickets have sold. I don't see how they can stop it: Sarnoff is probably just appeasing the DDA. Maybe next year they can send Ultra to Soho Studios in Wynwood or something...

Dayyvid Matt
Dayyvid Matt

Bryan Brown Jason Kitchen Elizabeth Risk Jared Espino Jillian Eve Josh Faria Some good news possibly

Dayyvid Matt
Dayyvid Matt

Just because we listen to house we are not all zombi face eating ppl

Cite Rawks
Cite Rawks

two weekends of ultra? wtf.....zombieland fo sure...

Glen Wren
Glen Wren

how about take the fucking bus or bike or set up a trolley? or make everyone park in dadeland and take the metrorail

JoseDuran moderator communitymanager

@jjcolagrande Ultra couldn't fit at Soho Studios. Only option it to a wide open space in the southern part of the county or the Everglades. Also, Broward would be another option.


@Glen Wren move it to virginia key


@JoseDuran @sohostudios @jjcolagrande and at anyone time we can host 10,000...... and don't have to finish at 12am.

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