Wolfgang Gartner Gives It Hard to South Beach's Story Nightclub, January 18

He dropped some hard numbers like "Spacejunk" and "Ai Novinha" by Miami's own GTA. He also kept a fun hip-hop theme running throughout his set, mixing in classic hype tracks like Fatman Scoop's "Be Faithful (Put Yo Hands Up)" and old dance hits like "Show Me Love."

He was loving it, constantly jumping up and playing that damn air piano. The crowd sent some love right back at him, clapping, whistling, and getting crunk for this fancy button-up shirt kind of party.

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Wolfgang worked through his hits "Nuke" and "illmerica" to thunderous applause. By 3 a.m., some more room had cleared on the dance floor, littered by glow wands, cigarette butts, and wet confetti. He dropped another Gartner classic, his collab with Skrillex called "Devil's Den." Then he unleashed some more hip-hop flavor with Naughty By Nature samples, making everyone say, "Hey, ho!" and wave their hands.

The place was going ape when he let the music die down at about 3:30 and gave the throat-cut sign. Someone whispered in his ear as the crowd roared, then he mouthed to words, "one more."

He brought the music back up for a killer ending and made way for the closing DJ. Smoke filled the room and we made our way toward the exit, still dancing, already looking forward to our next night at Story.

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Story Nightclub

136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

Complextro? What the hell is that, did you invent that, lol...there is no such thing I think you mean fidget house


Great review!

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