Audiojack: "There's Only Good Music and Bad, We Try and Focus on the Good"

The northern English city of Leeds is a real hotbed of electronic dance music. A few talented natives we've chatted with in the past include Simon Baker, Paul Woolford and Death on the Balcony.

And another illustrious act hailing from Leeds is Audiojack, the DJ-production duo of Jamie Rial and Rich Burkinshaw.

The pair have been blowing up exponentially since their first releases in the mid-noughties, with the hype reaching a fever pitch last year as they topped the deep house charts and burned up dancefloors on both sides of the pond.

Then there's also the matter of Audiojack's own Gruuv label, a who's who of international production luminaries like Tiger Stripes, Catz n Dogz, Jimmy Edgar and H.O.S.H., and therefore a go-to for discerning DJs.

Ahead of a headlining gig at the Electric Pickle tonight with the Lo-Fi Miami crew, Crossfade caught up with the sensational duo to chat about the scene back home, their label and upcoming releases.

Crossfade: Who is Audiojack? How did the partnership first form and what do each of you bring to the table creatively?
Audiojack: We've been friends for over a decade, and started to make music together seven years ago -- originally to get more DJ gigs. DJing has been one of our main passions, since we were both teenagers which is, uh, quite some time ago! Jamie has the attention to detail and patience to tweak sounds to perfection whilst Rich is more ideas-focused. We can both be quite self-critical. so when our productions satisfy both of us, we know we've got it right, this is important to maintaining quality.

Leeds is a renowned electronic dance music hotbed. How has the city and its music scene shaped you as artists?
We've been asked this question many times, and here's a theory. In science, ideal conditions exist for certain outcomes. For example, specific soil, temperature, water, etc. will get the best results when growing vegetables. We think Leeds just has the ideal conditions for growing DJ-producers.

It's cold for most of the year, so there isn't a lot to do outside. Generally people have just enough money to live comfortably, but not excessively -- so they can afford software, laptops, etc. but they don't have the funds to live lavishly and have to work hard for their dreams.

There is a huge student population, therefore lots of clubs and bars, and a great youth culture. This breeds lots of opportunities to get involved in events, from promoting to DJing, people go out drinking in clubs, exposing them to electronic music from a very young age, giving them mature heads on young shoulders. The electronic music clubs are full and popular like the hip-hop clubs of the States, etc. The conditions are perfect.

If we'd lived in Miami back when we were starting out, I'm not sure we'd have gotten off the beach to make any music! It's difficult to say if and how Leeds has shaped us specifically as artists, as we've been away touring all around the world so there are sprinkles of influence from everywhere. But when we were first starting out, our local club Back to Basics was a huge influence, seeing residents like Ralph Lawson and Paul Woolford DJ there really helped establish our early direction.

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