Audiojack: "There's Only Good Music and Bad, We Try and Focus on the Good"

What prompted you to launch your own label Gruuv? What is your criteria for signing artists and material to release? Is there a specific sound or aesthetic you are looking for to define the label?
As a producer, if you only release music, you're restricted to just that and that's all people know of you. We live and breathe music, and almost felt a duty to showcase the music of others which makes us and other people dance and have a good time. That's really our remit and criteria with Gruuv and Audiojack. We're not really interested in genres, niches, cliques or trends. As someone once said, there are only two types of music: good and bad. We like to try and focus on the good.

2012 was your most fruitful year yet, with many of your releases topping the charts. What were some of your personal highlights?
The whole year was really great, but remember, we're British -- we don't like to celebrate our successes or show off.

So what can fans expect from you in 2013? Any projects or releases we should look out for?
We're in the process of remaking a classic disco record with LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Wang on vocals for Gomma Records. We're also working on a new original EP with our good friend and longtime collaborator Kevin Knapp. We have remixes out soon on Tsuba, Cityfox and Marcin Czubala's Your Mama's Friend label. We've just about wrapped up a sample pack for Loopmaster -- the first time we will share a lot of our sounds.

We'll be on the road touring a lot this year, and after braving the grim British weather for too long, we've finally taken the plunge and are moving our lives to Ibiza later this year, so there's a lot of planning in process. Exciting times ahead.

Love Affair with Audiojack. With Matches and Pelvic Thrust. Presented by Lo-Fi + The Electric Pickle. Thursday, February 14. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m. Call 305-456-5613 or visit


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