Borgore's Set Gets Cut Short at Story on South Beach: "I Hate Everything, I Want to Fight"

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Who could've guessed that Israeli dubstepper and Miley Cyrus collaborator Borgore's set would be cut short at Story Nightclub on South Beach this past weekend?

Well, how about @BlakeMinto1, a local Twitter user and "DJ/Producer" who spent Friday night wondering: "Borgore sucks why do people wanna go to Story so bad tonight?" (The official Borgore reply: "bitterness sux.")

Or maybe Crossfade shoulda anticipated another DJ getting 86-ed by bottle-service clientele. You know, given precedents like Dennis Ferrer and DJ Shadow.

Predictable or not, Borgore is pissed about being prevented from freely raging on SoBe.

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The dubstepper's trip to Miami started pleasantly enough with "a 2 story hotel suite on the beach in Miami with a pool and jacuzzi."

Sounds like VIP treatment, bro.

Then Boregore hit the club. And that's when the trouble got goin'.

He was scheduled to headline the night at Story. But judging by the time of his initial Twitter complaint about "10 ppl spending 20k on a drink [dictating] the music for 1k ppl who wanna rage," it seems the Israeli's ejection took place hella early.

Like all DJs who get booted off the decks, the dubstepper is blaming bottle-service clientele for having shitty taste in music and not knowing how to "rage." (We here at Crossfade have asked Story reps whether that was the case. But so far, no word from the club.)

Meanwhile, the DJ's fans are trying to cheer him up. Like @MkWisnie, who insists: "@Borgore you were incredible."

Yet despite these sweet messages of support, the Israeli is pissed, cursing the son of God, South Beach, and the world (via Twitter):

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Story Nightclub

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Kil Kelley
Kil Kelley

I was actually there and like most of us was skeptical of BORGORE ...until the bass dropped and he had the entire room bouncing! It wasn't the guess that complained TRUST THIS! For the short time he was on which was just over an hour, HE BROUGHT HEAT!!!

Bob Yard
Bob Yard

Mama said knock u out! Not too tough to do...

Erez Ahituv
Erez Ahituv

Perhaps being an actual DJ as opposed to a producer / play button performer would bode well for him.

Nick Lagattuta
Nick Lagattuta

I heard he wasn't allowed to drop anything too grimey and it basically equated to an electro set

Jorge Shicken
Jorge Shicken

yet people still spend their hard-earned money going to these clubs. barf.

Pedro Santana
Pedro Santana

Goddamit this happens in South Beach way too often.

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