Carnie Wilson on Food Shows, Wilson Phillips, and Fat Jokes: "I'm So Sick of That Shit"

You, Wendy, and Chynna have been recording and performing, on and off, for two decades. What's at the core of Wilson Phillips's longevity?
Probably the friendship and the fact that we've known each other since we were all 3 months old. But there's just something so beautiful and organic when the three of us sing together. Without being corny, it's a spiritual experience. Even though we had those years apart, we'll never stop because it's so meant to be.

On top of touring, you'll be the keynote speaker at this year's Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America conference in Las Vegas. What will you tell the WLSFA crowd?
This is something that I'm so devoted to. Like, forever. Obesity is probably the number-one killer of Americans because it's so closely related to heart disease. And I've always been open about my struggle, whether I'm 20 or 40 pounds heavy. But surgery has helped me maintain a minimum 100-pound weight loss for almost 14 years. So my heart goes out to anybody who struggles with their weight. The WLSFA is a nonprofit, and I'm so happy to be their ambassador of hope.

As you say, you've always been up-front. But you've also been really ballsy. Do you have any advice for celebs like Lady Gaga or Jessica Simpson dealing with professional assholes and cheap comedians who like to make fat jokes?
I'm just so sick and tired of that shit. Walk outside your front door and within ten minutes, you're going to see an overweight person. Why is it still news?

It's about health. It's not about looks. And it's time that people change their attitudes, encourage everybody to make healthier choices, and stop poking fucking fun!

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