Chris Bosh's Wife Snaps Back at Lil Wayne: "Pay No Mind to the Haters"

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Photo by SThomas Studios via Smooth Magazine
Chris Bosh's Wife, AKA Adrienne Williams-Bosh.
Who is "Chris Bosh's wife"?

Well, we here at Crossfade, like everyone else living in Heat Nation, know her as Adrienne Williams, a lovely Venezuelan lady who secretly married the (almost) seven-footer in 2011 and then gave birth to a beautiful baby Bosh in 2012.

But... The rest of America knows Mrs. Chris only as that booty Lil Wayne allegedly popped after disdainfully humping his way through the whole Heat locker room.

As the Young Money maniac blurted at Sunday's Beats by Dre's NBA All-Star Game finale party: "Fuck LeBron! Fuck She-Wade!... And, and, and, I fucked Chris Bosh wife!"

Last night, though, Adrienne snapped back at Lil Wayne and his "fuck" claims via Twitter.

UPDATE Weezy isn't banned from basketball. The NBA says it's "not true" that the Miami Heat got him blacklisted.

UPDATE #2 Lil Wayne has finally publicly discussed his war with the Miami Heat and he says: "I don't apologize."

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With her Twitter status locked to "LOVING HIM, LOVING ME- LIFE IS GOOD!," the lady Bosh changed her profile pic to an Instagram composite of the happy NBA family at home.

The NBA couple at home.
Then, with a wedding photo of the Boshes' clutched, ring-studded hands looming in the Twitter background, Mrs. Chris delivered her riposte to Weezy's skeezy insinuations. She retweeted several messages of support, obliquely aimed at the Young Money maniac and his psycho rant, like:

Even Dwyane Wade's lady friend and Bad Boys II babe Gabby Union offered her Twitter support:

Through it all, lady Bosh is just trying to remain Zen.
She's even planning a "Kundalini yoga" sesh this morning. "Start your day off right!"

Oh, and let's not forget... "WEEZY GO HOME!"

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The fact that she's not retaliating with rightfully deserved rage at this midget faggot is something that's truly commendable. You're a class act, Mrs. Bosh.


lol soooooo she never actually said it wasnt true?? not that it matters or i care, im just sayin....

miamitrev2 topcommenter

@Fernando Perdomo  

cool story bro.

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