Chris Brown Faked Community Service, (Probably) Called Frank Ocean a "Faggot"

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The Breezy wire is goin' beserk.

Oh, it's just the alert system that we here at Crossfade rigged up in order to receive prompt notification of Chris Brown's next massive fuck-up.

And last week, it almost whirred itself to death when Brown punched Frank Ocean over a parking spot. Or as Ocean tweeted: "Got jumped by Chris and a couple guys."

Today, the Breezy wire's back to buzzing uncontrollably ... 'Cause Brown faked his community service. And he (probably) called Frank a "faggot."

UPDATE He punched Rihanna. Picked fights with Drake and Frank Ocean. Lied about his community service. So obviously, Chris Brown feels victimized, saying: "A day in my shoes is a day in hell."

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According to a police report dug up by TMZ, Ocean (who opened up on Tumblr about falling in love with a man last year) told cops that he heard someone screech out the gay slur after Breezy whacked him in the face.

Of course, this wouldn't be Chris Brown's use of nasty homo-hating language. Remember that time he berated some paparazzi guys, snottily sneering: "Y'all niggas is gay"?

Or how 'bout that time he took to Twitter, screaming about ex-B2K member Raz B being a "homo" and a "d**k in da booty ass lil boy"?


Now despite the fact that Breezy vs. Ocean didn't result in criminal charges, the whole incident did stir up a legal shitstorm for Brown, regarding possible violations of his probation in the Rihanna assault case.

For starters, he punched Frank in the face. And then there's his threat, noted in the police report, to shoot Frank. Uh, yeah ... With a gun. "We can bust on you too!"

And naturally, Brown's had several other recent massive fuck-ups. Like, testing positive for pot over the summer. Or smashing out the windows at Good Morning America's studio after a question about Rihanna. Or allegedly stealing a fan's iPhone on South Beach in 2012.

But the most serious threat to Breezy's freedom seems to be the likelihood that he blatantly lied to Los Angeles County District Attorney about doing his required 180 days of community service. On a day, for example, that he claimed to be trash-collecting in Virginia, he was jet-setting to Cancun.


Meanwhile, the rest of Brown's community service reports are being investigated by the D.A. because it seems Richmond, Virginia police chief Bryan T. Norwood and a detective provided lax accounting and supervision of the R&B jerk's work at the Tappahannock Children's Center, a place that Brown's mom used to run.

Talking to TMZ, the D.A. says Chris Brown did "at best sloppy ... and at worst fraudulent reporting."

So ... Does this qualify as "fucking up again" in Rihanna's eyes? How about the law? Will Brown finally end up behind bars?

Probably not. The D.A. is apparently just asking for the "Look at Me Now" singer to complete his community service under strict supervision in Los Angeles County.

Whew ... We can't even imagine the day when the Breezy wire goes silent.

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Eddy Alexander M
Eddy Alexander M

All these celebs raising hell and getting away with it wtf...

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