Every Time I Die with the Acacia Strain - Grand Central, Miami - February 26

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Photo by Joshua Shomburg
Every Time I Die
Better than: 90 percent of your other options on a Tuesday night.

"We do what we do for this, right here" decreed Every Time I Die lead singer, Keith Buckley, as he stood tall at the edge of Grand Central's stage, extolling the sanctity of sweaty club dates. Buckley's declaration was unnecessary: The band's performance had already spoken volumes about its love of playing live, and why Every Time I Die is still one of the most exciting live sets you're going to see in 2013. And either way, by this point in the night Buckley and his cohorts had stirred-up the audience to a level where they were far beyond comprehending any sort of verbal communication not delivered in Buckley's harsh scream.

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The tour that brought Every Time I Die's Buffalo, New York, bred rock 'n' roll infused hardcore/metal to Miami, featuring a curious lineup of mosh-metal and watered-down hardcore bands that worked to make the headliner's set all the more exciting in contrast.

From Hundredth's synchronized pogo moves and awkward singing parts, to Vanna's innumerable mosh call cliche's and breakdown antics, the early part of the show was lost on us. However, the young crowd ate it up, and if there is a point to be made, it would be that we miss the days when tour packages were put together based on bands that wanted to tour together -- or at least what bands would make for a cohesive show -- and not so much based on who is going to fill the room with charged-up mall rats ready to spend dad's money at the merch tables.

Photo by Joshua Shomburg
Acacia Strain
The show really picked up when the Acacia Strain, also known as Massachusetts' gift to the breakdown, took the reigns and proceeded to pound the audience into a fine dust via its slowly lumbering rhythms and punishing riffs.

The Acacia Strain can be credited with sparking the "deathcore" phenomenon that swept the metal community a few years age by taking a page from Meshuggah's book of polyrhythms and applying a hardcore aesthetic to it. While the band made its bones with a three-guitar Cerberus of chug, they've since devolved into a simpler, one guitar band -- though we must mention that it had eight strings and was tuned lower than most doom metal bands.

The Acacia Strain's set was incendiary, and their intro alone caused a hectic pre-mosh display that churned Grand Central's dance floor and left one dude with what looked like a broken orbital. As the band played through the sludge-laden tracks of Death is the Only Mortal, the crowd chanted along with Vincent Bennett's newly adopted guttural inhale vocal style. Things came to a head when the band played "JFC," a fan favorite track off of Continent that had the crowd losing their ever-loving minds upon one another. Ignorant mosh bliss, for fans of the style.

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