Fishbone Brought Furious Tsunamis of Soul to Swamp Stomp 2013 at Tobacco Road

Photo by Jacob Katel
Wailing with Fishbone.
In the shadows of a cocaine skyline, in the bitter freeze of winter, with fewer than a legion of supporters, and a raging douchenozzle hellbent on destruction ...

The seven samurai of Fishbone gathered by the river, armed for battle, and unleashed a sonic boom of future funk on the Tobacco Road parking lot for Swamp Stomp 2013.

That shit was off the chain. Here's some of what we saw.

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Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds cut loose with an AC/DC "Back In Black" cover that saw the singer tear off her jacket.

Inside and upstairs, the Road's cash-only bar was doing fast bidness in $3 beers, and anything else with alcohol in it.

The Politix, like Art Official and Mayday before them, blasted the room with jazz and hip-hop.

And it was good.

Back outside on the small stage, Radioboxer brought the spirit of Hialeah, and lead singer Vanessa dance on the pavement with a big head monkey.

She also smashed a glass, spit blood, danced in a smoke bomb, threw flower petals, ripped off her shirt, did pushups, wore flags, changed costumes, fucked with the crowd, and said shit like, "Bitches be crazy." Her band was right there with her, rocking. And by the end of the set, the crowd was screaming their name.


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Tobacco Road - CLOSED

626 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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not quite sure how Fishbone and all those people could have been moved inside with all that equipment just cause it was cold, but an otherwise intelligent and accurate blog.

it was a great show for all who were there 

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