Fishbone Brought Furious Tsunamis of Soul to Swamp Stomp 2013 at Tobacco Road

Norwood Fisher's bass had more slap and funk than a year of Rihanna and Chris Brown.

The dude sounded like Michael Jordan was running across his fretboard. Like Kelly Slater in a rip curl. Like an infinite loop of a Tony Hawk 900. Never heard such great bass playing in real life.

The music rang out hit after unstoppable hit, running through the history of American sound like a jukebox time machine. Fishbone styled on Muscle Shoals, Philly, and Chicago, Sam & Dave, and '60s Motown. They sounded like good time Charlie Brown, a Carolina beach jam, live on WLAC, Harlem, Curtis, Chuck Berry, Funkadelic, and the JBs at a frat house, a row house, a juke house, and a shine house. Professional than a motherfucker and they made it look easy. They are way beyond a punk band. But they even did that too.

LEBO painted through it all.

People drank and got fucked up. So cold out, they needed whiskey transfusion.


Location Info


Tobacco Road

626 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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not quite sure how Fishbone and all those people could have been moved inside with all that equipment just cause it was cold, but an otherwise intelligent and accurate blog.

it was a great show for all who were there 

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