Grace Potter on Women in Music: "We're in This Weird Separate Category, Doesn't Make Sense"

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It's 5 a.m., and an impromptu, collective chant to the tune of the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" fills the streets of Baltimore.

The city's beloved Ravens were crowned Super Bowl XLVII champions roughly eight hours ago, but the team's diehard fans are still celebrating the victory with the squad's unofficial fourth-quarter battle cry. And unsurprisingly, roots rocker Grace Potter is at the center of the action.

"It's crazy here," she says. "People are insane."

Two days after playing a sold-out gig in Baltimore on the eve of the big game, Potter and her Vermont-based band, the Nocturnals, are gearing up for an encore show in Maryland's capital, harnessing that Ray Lewis-like electricity radiating throughout Charm City.

"I know that everyone is going to lose their shit," Potter quips during a phone conversation with Crossfade. "We're going to have to play 'Seven Nation Army' again," she laughs.

But a Ravens win and a Jack White cover can only supplement, not fuel, Potter's critically acclaimed live show. Since independently releasing their first studio record, Nothing but the Water, in 2005, she and the Nocturnals have earned a reputation as one of the most dynamic live acts in contemporary music.

As both principal songwriter and fiercely energetic frontwoman, Potter can effortlessly command audiences anywhere -- from grimy dive bars to massive outdoor festivals -- ecstatically bouncing barefoot across the stage with her signature Gibson Flying V guitar slung across her back.

Last summer, Potter and crew toured the country, opening 60,000-seat stadiums for Kenny Chesney, converting country music fans, and breaking negative stereotypes about female musicians along the way.

"That's the one thing that has always irked me about the industry," Potter says. "People have their female genre. They're like, 'Oh, I've got my rock albums, I've got my R&B albums, I've got my rap albums, and then I've got my girl albums.' It's like we're in this weird separate category, which doesn't make sense to me at all."

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and otaku_grau is the mail I made when I was 13, I've became a serious music student XD 


I used to love Pat Benatar, but first time I listened GPN's music I thought: Pat Benatar is a beginner compared with grace potter. Grace has an amazing voice, she is one of the best songwritters in this world and she is a great talented musician, and don't forget she is beatiful as heaven, and wilde as a lion; for me she is the perfect woman, and GPN is the perfect band playing their music, enjoying it, and don't losing their points of view. I love my country, Catalunya, but we have no big concerts and festivals here and I'm desperate to listen one concert of GPN in Barcelona.!


@otaku_grau I've been listening to Benatar for 30 yrs; your opinion. Potter is great but not even remotely in Benatar's category at this time. Benatar's music library and vocal range and also being an icon; not to be taken lightly.


@talkingocean @otaku_grau Ok...  I am very familiar with both artists and have seen them both live. Pat Benatar's voice is INSANELY good! I could listen to her live all day. Just incredible. She still sounds great after all this time and flat out gives me chills sometimes. Grace Potter is a different dynamic. She has a great voice, great songs, but it is the live performance that sets her apart from almost any other performer, male or female. Grace's recent performance at Jannus Landing in St. Pete this year was the single best live performance I have ever seen and I have seen many live performances. I don't know sometine the planets align... I love them both!

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