Grace Potter on Women in Music: "We're in This Weird Separate Category, Doesn't Make Sense"

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As a musician with ladyparts, Potter doesn't feel any less rock 'n' roll. And she definitely shouldn't. Just one listen to the group's latest record, 2012's The Lion the Beast the Beat, is proof.

Produced and engineered by Grammy winner Jim Scott (Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication) and featuring several tracks coproduced and co-written by the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, The Lion the Beat the Beat is a wide-ranging 45-minute showcase of topnotch musicianship and remarkably powerful lead vocals.

However, it could've easily become an uncomfortably commercial pop record had Potter not removed herself from the recording process when she began to feel disconnected from the music.

"I knew that at the heart of what we were doing -- regardless of what kind of record sales we were looking for -- there was a dangerous line being walked, where we were bordering on major, pop, over-the-top success, with some of the songs that I had written and some of the songs that we were pumping out," she says. "I didn't want that."

To clear her mind, Potter embarked on a personal adventure, camping alone in California and Arizona before flying home to Vermont to hit the hiking trails.

"That was a big step for me, because I don't like stopping," she says. "Stopping is the opposite of what I do all the time."

Potter found further solace in the Caribbean and spent an isolated week writing new music there, eventually returning to California to finish the record.

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and otaku_grau is the mail I made when I was 13, I've became a serious music student XD 


I used to love Pat Benatar, but first time I listened GPN's music I thought: Pat Benatar is a beginner compared with grace potter. Grace has an amazing voice, she is one of the best songwritters in this world and she is a great talented musician, and don't forget she is beatiful as heaven, and wilde as a lion; for me she is the perfect woman, and GPN is the perfect band playing their music, enjoying it, and don't losing their points of view. I love my country, Catalunya, but we have no big concerts and festivals here and I'm desperate to listen one concert of GPN in Barcelona.!


@otaku_grau I've been listening to Benatar for 30 yrs; your opinion. Potter is great but not even remotely in Benatar's category at this time. Benatar's music library and vocal range and also being an icon; not to be taken lightly.


@talkingocean @otaku_grau Ok...  I am very familiar with both artists and have seen them both live. Pat Benatar's voice is INSANELY good! I could listen to her live all day. Just incredible. She still sounds great after all this time and flat out gives me chills sometimes. Grace Potter is a different dynamic. She has a great voice, great songs, but it is the live performance that sets her apart from almost any other performer, male or female. Grace's recent performance at Jannus Landing in St. Pete this year was the single best live performance I have ever seen and I have seen many live performances. I don't know sometine the planets align... I love them both!

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