Ten Reasons the Grammys Actually Didn't Suck

Katy Perry's boobs didn't suck.
We're experiencing a lot of weird feelings right now.

We're not exactly sure how to cope with these emotions. But they say the first step to getting over your problem is admitting you have one. So deep breath ... Here we go.

We actually enjoyed the 55th annual Grammy Awards.

OMG, please don't judge us, you guys. It's just that, well, we felt most of the winners were deserving, and L.L. Cool J wasn't a terrible host. But it was more than that. Look, we broke down our shame into a list. Tell us what you think.

Skrillex Reps the Homies
So, like, a lot of people are pissed Skrillex swept the Grammys again. Well, swept in terms of EDM. He won his fourth, fifth, and sixth Grammys last night, beating out majors like Diplo and Kaskade who were (perhaps) more deserving. But he knows how to show love, and he did it by bringing his whole motherfuckin' crew on stage with him. OWSLA is massive, and we like it when people roll deep.

J. Lo and Pitbull Broke Racial Stereotypes
Oye, Miami! Pitbull and J. Lo got to present an award together, and it wasn't even for Best Latin Recording. It was Best Pop Solo Performance. That's fucking awesome. Mr. 305/Worldwide and Jenny from the Block ... America is really making progress or something. Daleee!

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Gino Fuentes
Gino Fuentes

they were the highlight of the night for me! (The Bob Marley tribute was a close 2nd lol)

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