Ten Reasons the Grammys Actually Didn't Suck

Performance Intros
Grammys, we commend you on this newest addition to the program. Instead of a bunch of lame jibber-jabber everyone hates, they let lesser-known artists come out and sing a bit of their hits. Then they just went along with the regularly schedules program and presented a list of names. Putting more music into the Grammys is something we can get behind, 100 percent.

Miguel Doing Anything
Holy sexual seizure! Did you see Miguel do everything that he did last night? He sang "Adorn" with Wiz Khalifa as one of the aforementioned performance intros. Wow, can Miguel sing. And dance. And twirl. And good lord is he a sex babomb. We're wet just thinking about it. It's really just a tragedy he didn't get to come back and do it more. Right, Kelly Clarkson?

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Gino Fuentes
Gino Fuentes

they were the highlight of the night for me! (The Bob Marley tribute was a close 2nd lol)

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