Ten Reasons the Grammys Actually Didn't Suck

"I'd Like to Thank the Swap Meet for His Hat."
Those are the only words Jay-Z spoke in the entire Grammys. (Well, besides his rap for J. T., but speaking and rapping aren't the same.) When he won for "No Church in the Wild," he just gave the floor to Ocean and fellow collaborator The-Dream. And then he grabbed the mike to shout-out flea markets for providing The-Dream with his next-level head gear. Best quote of the night, easy. That's why he's the man on top (of Beyonce).

ellen katy perry tits grammys.jpg
Katy Perry's Chest
C'mon, now ... You know we're not classy. And you know what really stole the show. The whole time, our Twitter and Facebook feeds were all "Zomg, Katy Perry's titties," and with good reason. They were basically perfect. Ellen DeGeneres agrees, and so do we. She was the real winner last night (coughJohnMayercough). Take that Grammy memo and shove it in your cleavage.

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Gino Fuentes
Gino Fuentes

they were the highlight of the night for me! (The Bob Marley tribute was a close 2nd lol)

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