GTA Took on LIV Miami, Made That "Booty Bounce" on South Beach

Photo by Gianmarco Pow-Sang
LIV, Miami Beach
Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Better Than: Sitting at home waiting for the next GTA game to come out.

DJ-producer duo GTA headlined LIV for the first time last night. With Miami being their home turf, they had some surprises in store for the crowd.

We arrived at 12:30 a.m. to find Miami favorite Jessica Who warming up the crowd.

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Photo by Gianmarco Pow-Sang

At first, the turnout seemed a tad small for a Wednesday night's Dirty Hairy bash. But that kinda thing didn't stop Jessica from busting out the sexy jams that would get 'em all dancing. Playing everything from Armand Van Helden's classic remix of "ADD SUV" to Steve Aoki and Afrojack's "No Beef," Jessica sent the crowd into a frenzy of fist pumps and air pianos.

By 1:30, GTA's Julio Mejia and Matt Toth had taken the helm. They started with an intro that repeats "GTA up in the club." As the loop played and Mejia and Toth were picking their first track, smartphones emerged from the crowd, snapping pictures as everyone wondered what epicness was about to come out of the speakers.

Photo by Gianmarco Pow-Sang

After about a minute, the loop slowly faded out, giving way to the build for Mejia and Toth's monster track "Booty Bounce."

Hell yeah, GTA decided to start their set off on a high note. And when the song dropped and the supercatchy vocals ("Booty, booty, booty, booty, booty, booty bounce!") reached peak intensity, the crowd hit full-fledged party mode.

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