Harlem Shake! Ten Grandmas, Babies, and Sick Cats Do the Dance!

Young Couples and Their Messy Babies Do the Harlem Shake
The Harlem Shake, it's not just for old people. It's also for kids too young to know what the hell their "hip" young parents are up to. But at least kids dig killa beats. We hope their parents realize they aren't about to clean that mess up themselves. Side note: who has an indoor inflatable castle?

Pre-Schoolers Do the Harlem Shake
Old people are just like babies in the fact that twenty of them Harlem Shaking is better than just two. So here is a whole pre-school of kids dancing around under a sign that says "Joyland" to a song that says "with the terrorists." Ultimate American irony, achieved.

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

He is a good and legit dj...what you talking about new times

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