Harlem Shake! Ten Grandmas, Babies, and Sick Cats Do the Dance!

Puppies Do the Harlem Shake
Oh hey, what's cuter than babies and old people? BABY PUPPIES! Wooot, these crazy mutts can't get enough, and they're so adorable. Too bad they don't know what music is. You can check out the puppies' daily lives by clicking the ad on top, but who cares?

Sick Cats Do the Harlem Shake
This is actually probably the funniest one we've ever seen. These cats on anesthesia don't know what the hell is going on, and all they want to do is eat, but it's funny to imagine that they're dancing around like kids at a rave. Get it? GET IT?

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

He is a good and legit dj...what you talking about new times

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