Harlem Shake! Ten Grandmas, Babies, and Sick Cats Do the Dance!

News Anchors Do the Harlem Shake
Our favorite part of this video is listening to the lady try to say "Baauer" with absolutely no self-assurance. Afterward, that stupid blonde lady is like, "Why did the music stop?" Because no one actually cares about the song, you dumby. This is a joke. It's not art or anything. Shout out the white boy anchor's hot moves.

No One Does the Harlem Shake
Actually, this is the best one anyone ever made. You guys need to take a hard look at yourselves in the mirror and think about what you did. We can't wait to see Baauer drop this at Ultra/HARD Miami/in his nightmares for the rest of his life.

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

He is a good and legit dj...what you talking about new times

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