Miami's 15th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert Is Gonna "Change People's Minds"

It's only happened once, and it wasn't even real -- a recreational pot-smoking session gone terribly wrong.

Blanche was simply playing the piano cartoonishly fast to soothe Ralph's mind. But when Jack showed up unexpectedly, Ralph lost his shit and killed the man. The police arrived shortly thereafter and arrested him, Blanche and their pot dealer, Mae. Before she could testify, however, Blanche went mad and leapt out of a window to her own death, and Ralph was committed to an insane asylum.

Of course, we're retelling the story of perhaps the most famous scene from the 1936 anti-pot propaganda film and stoner cult classic Reefer Madness.

For anyone who's ever smoked weed, the infamous "piano scene" is a vile, albeit hilarious, misrepresentation of the side effects generally associated with marijuana.

And while we've come a long way as a society on the marijuana issue, there are still people on this planet who firmly believe that pot is as evil as Reefer Madness says it is.

"Education can change people's mind," says local marijuana activist, comedian and former Miami Beach mayoral candidate Steve Berke. "But I think people who've been brainwashed by Nancy Regan and 'The War on Drugs' are going to demonize marijuana no matter what we do."

And what Berke does, exactly, is spread the good word about the benefits of marijuana via catchy parody songs and compelling arguments for not only medicinal marijuana, but the outright decriminalization of the sweet leaf.

Next month, Berke will join several other pro-pot politicians, speakers, musical performers, and activists at the 15th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert at Tobacco Road, where he plans on performing his viral hit, "Pot Shop."

"I think it's important that you treat the rest of the activists in the South Florida community as family," Berke says. "Flash and I have talked about [me performing "Pot Shop"] in passing. I don't see why I wouldn't. We all have a common goal and have the same principals."

"I've been an activist much more than I've been anything else in my life," says festival organizer "Flash," who was introduced to the concept of medical marijuana in the early 1990s as a University of Miami student.

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Tobacco Road - CLOSED

626 S. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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