Miss Kittin Crushes South Beach's Story Nightclub: A 15-Photo Recap

Photo by George Martinez
"Suck my dick, kiss my ass" ...

Circa '98, Miss Kittin busted the club wide open with "Frank Sinatra" -- a sly, sarcastic electroclash banger that laughed in the face of bottle-poppin', limousine-fuckin' club rats.

"I saw it coming, the star DJ world, not knowing I would be part of it," the French EDM icon told Crossfade last week. "So ironic that song made it, isn't it?"

Oh yeah ... And 15 years later, she's still livin' the "so nice" life in "the VIP area." Just check the cut for a 15-photo recap of Miss Kittin crushing it at South Beach's Story Nightclub.

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Photo by George Martinez

Photo by George Martinez

Photo by George Martinez

Photo by George Martinez

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Story Nightclub

136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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