Super Bowl: Six Shittiest Musical Commercials

Psy Is Dead, Pistachios Killed Him
Psy had a really big year in 2012, but it looks like his fun train is now officially a steaming pile of garbage. We heard he was retiring his "Gangnam Style" hit in hopes of recapturing the attention of American audiences with another catchy jingle. But then he went and sold himself to pistachios, and changed the "Gangnam" lyrics in a really sloppy, unimaginative way, and ushered in his complete demise. We don't want to eat green nuts or ever hear that song again. One-hit wonder status ... Achieved.

To Coca-Cola, Thanks for Nothing! Drag Queens
But honestly, the most disappointing and offensive commercial in the whole Super Bowl XLVII shebang was Coca-Cola's trite, interactive spot featuring four groups of desert warriors clamoring for the cola beverage prize. And why was it offensive? Because Coke clearly referenced the ever-fabulous Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but left out the most important part -- the penis.

A bunch of flashy showgirls in a big pink bus? C'mon, Coke. We know it's the Super Bowl and all of middle America is watching. But how are you going to strip the gay/drag community of what is totally their thing? You couldn't have just thrown, like, one or two in the back for good measure? Way to not be progressive at all. Maybe next year.

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