Super Bowl 2013: Ten Best Free Parties in Miami

Foxxy Lady Lounge (1792 NW 79 St, The City) -
This party isn't free, but there will be naked girls dancing for you while you get drunk and watch football, so, in addition to great chicken wings, and street rap, this one is strictly for the hustlaz.

Will Call (700 NE 2nd Ave, Downtown) -
This bar is open 24 hours so you can actually get there around midnight Sunday morning, watch Cat Shell perform, keep drinking, eat breakfast from the joint's kitchen, keep drinking, watch football, free buffet at halftime, dollar wings, beer specials, celebrate your teams victory, or drown your sorrows all in the same place.

Ted's Hideaway (124 2nd St, South Beach) -
The key word here is giveaways. We don't know what they are, but we know they've got em', and cheap as we are, we probably want em', even if it's just to sell on ebay. Also, free buffet at halftime.

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