Ten Best NSFW Album Covers

amorica album cover.jpg
Remember when people used to buy music?

We all convinced ourselves the packaging was actually part of the experience. Especially when someone made an album cover so titillating, stores couldn't even put a record on the shelf without special censors.

Well, even in today's digital music age, some clever artists are finding ways to push the good-taste envelope. Luckily, we here at Crossfade don't have time for good taste. So we've compiled this totally sexy, totally fucked-up list of the most NSFW album covers ever.

Enjoy, you filthy animals.

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nirvana nevermind album cover.jpg
Nirvana Nevermind
This mega classic probably doesn't even come to mind, but it was a huge deal back in its day. That is a baby's penis, you know. Originally, stores refused to carry the thing unless the itty bit was photoshopped off, or whatever they used to photoshop things in the early '90s. These days, the kid is like 21 years old and everyone who's anyone has his baby picture in their iTunes.

black crowes amorica album cover.jpg
Black Crowes' Amorica
What's a little pubic hair? Apparently, a whole lot when you let it lie over some patriotic bikini bottoms and release it as the art for your major-label album. These rock 'n' rollers found themselves in the hot seat over this gaffe, and had to release a store-friendly version with everything but the flag bikini blacked out.

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